Insecurity Anyone?

Do you ever feel inadequate? Like everyone out there is more on the ball than you? That’s the way I felt when I was getting ready for the Mt. Hermon Writers Conference. I won’t lie. I was dreading the experience.

In my mind’s eye, I was picturing myself walking into the conference headquarters. The room was full of perfect people. Perfect writers. Perfect editors. Perfect agents. How could they ever like imperfect me?

I felt like they couldn’t. And that’s why I was stressing out.

Since I don’t enjoy living in an insecure frenzy, I began to work on my attitude. I don’t know how many times I went to God in those pre-conference days to see life—and more importantly myself–from His point of view.

I went to Him every time I felt inadequate. Every time I was looking at life through cultural eyeglasses.

And every time, without fail, He leaned over and took my glasses off.

He replaced them with eyeglasses of truth: I wasn’t a horrible loser. I was a delightful child of God. I wasn’t a peon in the writing world. I was a beginning writer who wanted to serve God. I wasn’t a total writing failure. I was a writer with gifts God could use to reach others through me.

Each time I renewed my mind, I became aware of two things: my beauty and my sin. Yes, I was a delightful child of God, but I was also a self-absorbed woman who was so focused on my own inadequacies that I was incapable of reaching out to others.

The more time I spent with God, the more my focus shifted from myself to others. By the time I got to the conference, I was actually feeling pretty peaceful.

And you know what I discovered? A bunch of delightful children of God who were a lot like me. Not perfect, but beloved. I thoroughly enjoyed our visits. I felt blessed to hear about their lives and what God was doing in them.

I hate to think what my experience would have been if I hadn’t taken the time to renew my mind before the conference. I would have missed out on a lot of joy. God is so incredibly good. It’s only when I look at life through cultural glasses that I forget how good He is.

Maybe you’re feeling the same way I was. If you are, I encourage you to go to God and let Him remove your glasses. Life is far more promising when you’re looking at yourself and others through His eyes.

As you celebrate the resurrection this week, my prayer is that you’ll see yourself through His eyes and delight in His love. After all, if He loved you enough to die for you, you’re not inadequate!

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